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Hokitika Sandwich Company New Zealand
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The freshest sandwich in town.


Fresh-cut sandwiches and real-trade Havana coffee.

One of the best places to eat in Hokitika and Christchurch.

Hokitika Sandwich Company uses locally sourced ingredients in its gourmet sandwiches

Sandwich Menu

This isn't just any ordinary sandwich and coffee shop.

We believe the secret to a

great sandwich is great ingredients.

Find The Hokitika Sandwich Company

Located in Hokitika and central Christchurch.

Select one of our locations to learn more:

83a Revell st, Hokitika, 7810

03-429 2019

129 High st, Christchurch, 8011

03-420 0488

Hokitika Sandwich Company offers the best coffee in Hokitika
The best sandwich shop in Hokitika and Christchurch

Real Food Locally Sourced


Our bread is baked from scratch every morning by a local baker.

Our meat is free range and local, crafted the old-fashioned way by an artisan butcher.

Our cheese is handmade by a variety of South Island cheesemakers.

Our condiments are fresh and made in-house.

Our salad is picked every morning by a local grower.

Our meats and cheeses are sliced fresh as we make your sandwich.


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